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Our story so far.


The Brand

My whole life I’ve the GamerTag HybridTracer. Being the creative individual I am, everything else I do is now hybrid+something. And so… Hybrid Disc Golf was born. 

I really got hooked onto disc golf at the start of 2020. I was getting recommended Jomez Pro videos on YouTube and I had played a few times in the distant past so I started up again. In early February I was in LA for a few weeks on a work trip and the courses and weather there really got me hooked in my down time. I flew back to Massachussets with a crazy drive to get involved in the scene. Well I flew back in late February just as the whole world shut down for Covid19 so the dream was on hold.

Come late august and I’m out playing again and during this time I had done field work and my disc collection grew to over 150 discs….My wife wasn’t happy about that aspect but I want to keep buying new discs so I thought I would start a store. I’m just now getting into dyeing my discs at the start of 2021 and it seems like a perfect opportunity to start a small online store.

We’ll see where this journey takes me. I still hope to take a larger part in the local scene and maybe start a league and host some tournaments in the long run. For now we’ll start here.


Thank you fore reading and stopping by!

Our Team


    Egin Tollkuci

    Founder & Owner

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